"Breath Through Time"

A stem millions of years in the making.

First off, I want to sincerely thank those who helped in providing these amazing relics of the past, and helped make this project possible!

Starting at the Dynavap tip, we have an incredible TITANIUM DAMASCUS tip provided by the master himself, George. This is one of two in existence (to my knowledge), and is first because it displays the most modern and current form of metallurgy. It has been both electro and heat anodized to produce a stunningly unique pattern of blue and purple swirls, caused by differing layers of Titanium forged into a single piece.

Moving back in time, we have a TWISTED DAMASCUS crown. This portion was hand carved, acid etched, and heat treated to bring out the incredible layers forged within. This process of stacking different layers of steel and forging them together using extreme heat began over two thousand years ago.

Moving back further, we have 5,000 year old UKRANIAN BOG OAK, which has been inlayed with genuine STARDUST in a random star pattern. Bog Oak is a type of wood that sank beneath the ancient bogs thousands of years ago, and there laid preseved until modern man uncovered it.

Breathing deeper in time, we move on to the FOSSILIZED MAMMOTH TOOTH. This particular sample was dated at over 11,000 years in age, and is as hard as stone. You can even see the crystalized enamel within the layers of fossilized calcium.

Deeper yet, we go into the depths of space. A wandering METEOR took a timeless journey through the expanse of space, only to find its way to earth. This ageless meteor then found its way into my shop, where it was cut to size, shaped by hand, and now holds its place in history.

Capping the stem off, we bring it back full circle to a modern age with a beautiful piece of BUFFALO HORN. The entire stem is fully lined with a Titanium liner.

The stem is craddled on a stand made from a FOSSILIZED MEGALODON TOOTH dating back over 3.6 MILLION years old. (The stand is included in the package.)

This project was made entirely by hand. Due to the nature of the materials, the lathe was only used for buffing and sanding. All shaping was done using a hand file.

This piece is available for sale, but serious inquiries only. Because of the exotic nature and rarity of this piece, PLEASE EMAIL IF INTERESTED


(This item comes included with everything you see in the pictures.)

"A Breath Through Time"