This Black Canvas Micarta EDC Dynavap stem is fully lined with GR2 Titanium, double crowned with Aluminum, measures 75mm in length, and includes a removable mouthpiece made from Exotic Buffalo Horn. This stem also includes an airport made from a brass, stainless steel, and copper mosaic pin inlay. It can also be used with an XL condenser tube and a spinning mouthpiece (Not included). This stem does NOT fit in a Dynastash, but is designed to fit a 14mm water piece when the mouthpiece is removed. This transaction is for the stem only and does not include the Dynavap tip, cap, or condenser.

Black Canvas Micarta EDC Dynavap Stem

SKU: 202080A
  • Limited warranty includes physical defects only (De-lamination and or splitting of wood). If the product is defective, it may be returned within 30 days for a refund or replacement. This item is NOT available for returns outside of physical defects for sanitary and legal reasons

  • You may coat the wood with cutting board oil, mineral oil, bees wax, linseed oil, Ed's Bombass butter, Dynabutter, etc. This conditions the wood to preserve the luster and glow of your product for years to come.

    Do NOT use Isopropal Alcohol or any harsh chemical on the wood as this may damage the wood and void your warranty.

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