Introducing the new Crossover Adapter! This little device has the ability to turn any* Dynavap stem into a 19/19 stem that you can use with all 19/19 devices like the RBT Milaana, Stempod, Lamart P80-Tubo. For those that have that one Dynavap stem that you just love so much, now you can use it with more than just a Dynavap tip! 

This adapter works by going on the Dynavap tip/cap end so that you can insert it into your favorite 19/19 vape! In addition to this, you can also use it as an 18mm WPA for those who still want to use their Dynavap through glass without the need to buy an entirely new stem made just to fit glass! The versatility of this little device is endless! 

Comes in two different styles, tophat basket screen version and Storz & Bickel dosing pod version. All tophat screen versions will come with an included basket screen. (The dosing pod version does not come with a dosing pods.) 




Disclaimer *Any Dynavap stem refers to the standard 8mm inner diameter of Dynavap stems. This does not account for variations in stems with built in cooling, like glass beaded stems. Because those stems are handmade, the location of the glass dimples may vary and inhibit the ability for the adapter to be fully inserted into the stem. I have tested this with MistVape glass beaded stems, and while some work great, others do not quit have a perfect fit due to the dimples. (Wood species may vary)

Dynavap to 19/19 DOSING POD Crossover Adapter (Made to Order)

SKU: 202036A
  • Limited warranty includes physical defects only (De-lamination and or splitting of wood). If the product is defective, it may be returned within 30 days for a refund or replacement. This item is NOT available for returns outside of physical defects for sanitary and legal reasons

  • You may coat the wood with cutting board oil, mineral oil, bees wax, linseed oil, Ed's Bombass butter, Dynabutter, etc. This conditions the wood to preserve the luster and glow of your product for years to come.

    Do NOT use Isopropal Alcohol or any harsh chemical on the wood as this may damage the wood and void your warranty.

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