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This is a Mortar and Pestle made from Lignum Vitae (Mortar) and Bocote (Pestle) woods. Lignum Vitae is not only considered one of the hardest and most dense wood types on the planet, but it also has wonderful medicinal properties which has earned it its name, which in Latin, means "Wood of Life." Lignum Vitae has a beautiful floral scent to it which makes it a joy and pleasure to work with. Because of its density and durability, it is sure to provide a lifetime of beauty and functionality. So whether you plan to use it as its intended purpose of a mortar and pestle or as a centerpiece in your home, it is sure to provide years of enjoyment and beauty.Because of the unique nature of this wood, as it ages, it turns from a warm honey color to a deep forest green. This is truly a piece to be treasured. 

Lignum Vitae and Bocote Mortar and Pestle

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